How to minimize Travelling Cost


Never stay in a hotel, unless you really have to. Stay in hostels, when you stay in five star hotel It’s really just against the whole backpacking method. Why backpack and stay in expensive hotels, when you can save so much more money on other things and meet other backpackers? Hostels aren’t only cheap; they are safe, and fun. Another way to save money in staying at a hostel and staying in a dorm, not a single room. Find hostel who gives discount for longer stay and provide free breakfast or facilities is a good choice.


Plan your travel schedule and buy the flight ticket on advance when the promotion or deals of travel agent or flight company comes in hand. You will save a lot of money and get prepared is better to buy return ticket- But if you really don’t know how long you will travel and not sure which city you will be coming back from you better choose 1 way ticket.

If your destination is covered by land , why don’t take bus and train as your mode of transportation. Instead of taking flight , taking bus and train is cheaper and definitely you will meet a lot of people on the way and also adventure.

Food Food Food

Backpacker main purpose is to travel as much as they can with as minimum money as possible. When you are staying in hostel you can always look of the leftover from the ex-guest, maybe one bag of pasta and tomato, because usually they just don’t bring it around when leaving. Trust me it will saves a lot when you cook yourself .  Main principle only eat when it is a really unique or something that you crave for a long time. Remember , eat to survive, money for travel unless if you are the one who in for culinary backpacking.

Get a Job.

Bring your CV or save it on your email so you can access it through out your travel, you can always start your search of job by looking out the hostel notice boards for simple jobs such as fruit picking, waitress , telesales or promotion. You can also chat around to the staff or other backpackerbecause word of mouth is actually a great way to achieve employment. Receive any job, just remember that it’s just a simple effort to fund the more enjoyable part of your backpacking journey. Finding a job and working shouldn’t dampen your whole travel experience.  Enjoy the process and gain more experience from this to know about the country more.

Preparation Shopping

To prepare your backpacking equipment it’s always better to consider second hand/ used gear ,second hand backpack doesn’t matter as long as it is in good condition, for exception never buy old sleeping beg, because the filling gets destroyed with time. With buying used gear you can save more money for your travel later.


When you are on the market, try to bargain reasonably, just remember about flat rate and bargain the rate that you will pay for that. Bargain lower than the price that you want. But don’t bargain it too low because you will only got problem from the seller that might be angry because they think you disrespect their  product. Bargaining can save you some extra bucks.


From going to a museum to sky-diving. Find out the cheapest route to purchasing the tickets. Use your student card, passport, or even try to pass as a local. Every method in trying to save a dime is always what backpackers are looking for.


~ by anthonyinphuket on April 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “How to minimize Travelling Cost”

  1. thanks for the comment..actually im really looking forward for backpaking to New Zealand, can u give detail about your hostel or travel agent if in the future i might really go ill go back to malaysia and indonesia after finishing my work in phuket..
    actually this is my last day.

  2. You have some good ideas here, Im a professional backpacker, I work to travel. I have been working in backpacker hostels for 6 years in Australia and now im working in a hostel in Rotoura New Zealand. Im a travel agent and hostel Manager

    Some things you may not know about Australia :
    Most hostels or leading backpacker bars offer Free Dinner every night.

    Once you have mad some friends in hostels, cook some basic meals together then the cost of food becomes even cheaper. 10 people and each person may only pay $2 – $5 per meal depending on waht you cook.

    Work for your accommodation: Just by doing 3 hours work a day in a hostel, maybe cleaning or making beds beening the entertainment person can help you save cost of a bed. Just about every hostel in Australia offers this.

    Drinking and partying. In Australia drink ” Goon” its $10 for 4 litres of wine, dont get me wrong its bad wine 😛 but it keeps you from spending money at the pubs and clubs.

    Feel Free to add this information to your website. its a great blog you have here and a fantasic guild for future “Backpackers” the real kind not the poshpacker or flasher packer kind.

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