#1# Backpacking Tips : Keep it Simple !!!

When you go backpacking you must KEEP your luggage simple 1 Backpack +anotherbag is the maximum that you are carrying,  when you are backpacking what you want the most is simplicity and also high mobility. You don’t want to hop in to any public transportation by carrying so many stuff in, it will messed up your travel and grow more difficulties for you in the future.

Here is some tips that may help you to achieve the effeciency when you are backpacking

1 . Pack less clothes and pants.

You can just go for the whole month by 6 Tshirt, 1 Sweater, 1 Jacket, 1 Trouser, 2 short and some underwear. Remember you can always wash it in the hostel or dorm you will be staying in. So keep your clothing as minimum as possible depending on your destination, when you go to cold tempered country, you should bring more with you.bring A waterproof for if you get caught in the rainy season. Sandals also will be needed.


is a must, it doesn’t take places inside your backpack, only put it above your backpack. Because you will never know where you gonna end up sleeping sometimes in backpacking trip. prepare umbrella before rain, prepare sleeping bag before backpacking.

3. Left all electronic devices

except the essential on such as handphone and camera on your trip. Iphone , Blackberry or smart phone will work perfect, it has camera, wifi , music player and phone in one devices

4.Another  important items to bring.

Towels bring the one that easy to dried. Handphone or camera charger, A good first aid kit ,travel adapter, flaslight ,compas and Swiss army knife, really useful in case of emergency

5. Always travel with a pack of cards.

It’s a great entertainment for you beside music. You can also use cards as the tool to communicate with people you just know, ask them to play along they will love it.

6. Don’t leave home without a journal.

The scribbled stories from Singapore , tales from Thailand and memories of amazing people and places will be what you treasure when you’re in your 50s. Think of it less as a journal or diary and more as the story of your travels. Your own little book! You will laugh on your own when you read it later.

7. Bring credit card

instead of much cash in hand,  International ATM that worked in your destination is a good choice. Do not bring many valuable item because it’s dangerous if you may lose all the thing in foreign countries. Always carry money belt where you can put all your important thing such as passport, ATM , credit card, etc. Prepare some money and photocopy of passport on your backpack , just in case something happened.

8. Bin Bag and empty bottle

are something you will needed on your trip.keep some for your travel.

9. When you have more space

You can always think to take up some snickers and drink for your emergency.. You never know when you are hungry right ?

With the little baggage you can freely step your way to the adventure of new country lightly !!!   : )    Best Regards, Backpacker !!!


~ by anthonyinphuket on April 5, 2011.

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