My First Cinema Exp in Thailand – Respect for The King

Yesterday night i watched my first movie in Thailand with my office mate Khun Jack and Khun Chum . SUCK SEED is the movie title , it’s a really great movie about love, friendship and dream.  It features all the famous band in Thailand such as Body SLam with Toon as its vocalist.

Its my first time watching cinema in Thailand, while everything is almost the same with common cinema in my country and every where else , there’s one special thing that i’m surprised. Before the movie started , all the people in the cinema must stand up for 2 minutes to pay respect for the KING (Majesty), it’s my first time to see a country who loves its king and respect him until in the level of respecting the King in the movie. I instantly compared it with my own country , Indonesia which always bring up demonstration to bring down the president frm its time to govern. It’s an irony. Sad Irony.

Anyway, it’s really great experience for me and refreshing one . While waiting for thour movie we happen also to eat Thai original home made ice cream Brand , jack told me . I- berry. I thought of Iphone and blackberry combined for ice cream name :p.  I ate my favourite taste Durian one, it taste really good because it made of the real fruit.

We happen to eat Ramen also. lol. We eat a lot because we come too early from the scheduled time. Its mine SpicyPork Ground Noodle

So, when you come to Thailand don’t forget,go to the cinema and prove it yourself :  )

I should say my love of Thai music gone up after watch this movie. I think i really like Thai music , altough i dont understand what the lyric means : (

my favourite quote of the movie ” some people born to lose , but not born to give up “


~ by anthonyinphuket on March 24, 2011.

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