an Hour for EARTH – Lights OUT W.o.r.l.d !!!

Everyone knows earth hour, last Saturday of March annually celebrated by turning off all the lights , that’s what people know. But what most people do, they turn off light , turn on their laptop , putting up status on Facebook , Twitter, etc,  “Earth Hour baby”. So it’s better to make commitment to put all electrical appliances. But why is it once a year only ? that’s the question

But beside all of its limit, it’s a good to see all the full of blizzard building just darkened out for one hour. One hour give so much effect for this planet I how about we make it 2 hours a year ? that would be great isn’t it ?so you can put 120 instead on 60 on the posters , I’m sure no one will complain bout it, and we can doubled the great effect.

What we need is everyday consistency ,when we do energy saving little by little every day, it saves our planet, in the same time saves your electricity bill as well.

Its just the right thing to do. Interesting event that in one hand can also save the earth..

Everyone will get involved on something good like many people make their resolution like selling the car, plan more trees , etc. Some people just get involved for taking picture and video, but its cool as it counted as promotion I guess. But I cant imagine how much electrical power wasted also on the publicity of this , but its count as an effort to save our lovely planet earth.

So now counted. 2 day 5 hour 7 minutes left.

Lights out baby !!

“You don’t need to be expert , you just need to be you and do your part !”

Here is the great video about earth hour 2011. I love it so Much…


~ by anthonyinphuket on March 24, 2011.

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