What I’m willing to share with you guys today is the world irony, while on one side of the world some people striving , suffering for losing weight to gain Size Zero !

And on the other side of the world people addicted on eating and becoming obese , extremely obese like this woman who eat up to 33000 calories a day.

What we can learn is no body’s perfect . People has their own weakness and limit . But that’s what make us human. We must love ourselves first. But that doesn’t mean by putting all the junk inside our body . We must be happy and healthy at the same time. So what I’m gonna do here .Not a supersize me like Morgan do, or super slim me or become size Zero , but SUPER HEALTHY ME. I have been doing diet for more than 2 years , I lose my weight from 110 kg to 8*kg now , but now its getting a little bit harder to lose more. But on the other way i feel i gain enough knowldge that i would share for you all about all the obstacle and how i overcome it.

Losing weight its a not a mere 30 days or 60 days challenge. It’s your life changing – your lifestyle, your daily choice.

What I will do is basically write down all my fitness activities and put it down on the journal everyday on based on the real people’s life activity. Not as the diet program that for me limit you from your daily life activities and social life. On this archive as well I will put all the healthy life tips when you are traveler or office worker, and all based on my personal experience.

All the obstacle and progress will be updated every day. You guys can comment and send question to me.  We can motivate each other as well.

– Eat when you are hungry – Live happy –


~ by anthonyinphuket on March 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “30 DAYS SUPER HEALTHY ME !”

  1. agree Eliza ..thx for commenting.

  2. Absolutely right…gaining a balance is the important thing in all this weight hype,We are contantly surrounded by media telling us how to lose weight..its not about our weight its really about how healthy we are….Eliza Keating

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