Thai Phrases you gotta Love and Need !

I gotta tell you, believe it or not Thai language is harder than i imagine it would be.It has so complicated writing that you can’t imagine, and 5 tones for each word that has different meaning. I Give Up try to study writing Thai. But i realized how badly foreigner wants to talk to Thai people with their own language. here i am, with some phrases for you to learn

-Hello – Sawatdee Khrab! (Man) Sawatdee Kaa(Woman)
– how are you?: sabai dee reu?
– fine thanks: sabai dee (krup/kaa)
– I cannot speak Thai: phoot Thai mai dai
– please speak slowly: prohd phoot cha-cha
– I don’t understand: mai kao chai
– do you understand?: kao chai mai?
– how much does it cost?: nee tao-rai (krup/kaa)
– very expensive: paeng maag
– do you have something cheaper?: mii tuuk gwaa nee mai?
– the bill please: gep taang (krup/kaa)
– see you again: laew phob gan mai
– pleased to meet you: dee jai thee dai phob gan
– sorry/excuse me: kor thoad                                                                            -Straight on. (trong pai) tuk-tuk conversation                                                   – Stop here. (jord tee nee)                                                                               – never mind: mai pen rai
– does anyone speak English?: mee krai pood pasa ang-grit dai bang mai?

– Rice = Cow
– Chicken = Guy
-Pork=Moo                                                                                                                –  Bathroom / Toilet = Hong Nam
I come from Indonesia= Pom Mar Jark Pra Ted Indonesia

This below tips for conversational when you are interested with your opposite sex :

You are very beautiful = Coon sway mak
You are very pretty = Coon nar rak mak
What is your name ? = Coon chew alie ?
You have a beautiful smile = Coon me yim sway
Happy to meet you = Pom me Quam sook T die pop coon
See you again = lowel Pop Gun
Do you have a boy friend ? = Coon me fan mai

I love you – Pom rak khun (khun = coon )

You don’t need to be afraid whether your pronunciation is right or wrong.

Believe it or not, when you try talk Thai to local people they gonna love you for sure !!!


~ by anthonyinphuket on March 23, 2011.

One Response to “Thai Phrases you gotta Love and Need !”

  1. yg hello “(man)” maksudnya yg ngucapin harus cowok ato ngucapinnya ke cowok?

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