I don’t know what I’m thinking right now yet I’m only 20 and I’ve got so much deep thinking about life. What to do next what with later, all the worries just come to me. I don’t know what the future will bring, but no one know

No one can see the future, there is still plenty of posibilities. There’s time to be lost, There are dream or hopes, youth is real freedom. ^ ^ Don’t decide your future already, enjoy your time now, love,  studies,  friendship…

I’ve always like the quote of don’t take life too seriously, but when I put thinking on it, as time goes by I’m afraid I will forget all the value that I treasured for my life, all the dreams that I carried on my heart. All the goodness that we ever been, holy , innocent heart inside us.

We are on the time where we will decide where will be in the future, what kind of adult are we becoming. Our time is running out, I want to get married soon, I want to settle down, i want to make more money are what we might think about . People always try to play it safe, but I don’t know why I never want it to be safe and constant. I want it to be unpredictable. Where’s the fun knowing anything that will happen to your life. Maybe some of you will call me crazy or stupid  but I’ll walk my own path but ill never forget no matter what kind of person I become ill never forget school life. I’ll never settled down until I find what I really loved.

I really wants to make my parents happy but in the same time, I want myself to be happy as well. So please wait until I find that things that I’ll love to do for my life .

Sometimes I wonder what I’ve done in the past, when you remember all embarrassed things you have done in the past ,all that out is just a small smile hoping you can go back to that time again, doing all the silly things over again. Youth is the thing you not gonna wanna miss my younger friend, enjoy it make good memories without regret. Going to school every day is not something to complain about, maybe you will say why there’s exam assignment but when it all finish and you ended up as an adult sitting on the office working 8 hours a day you wonder if its better life as student ,you will always want to go back, where you have classmate, competition. School is just the best thing that can ever happen. Friendship, love, memories, knowledge we gain most of them on the school.

School is fun. Why do people learn? Is some question out of your mind sometimes…but for me learning with friends is fun…all the memories I ever had with you my friend from SDK2,SMPN1,SMAN1, MMUMelaka, MMU Cyber, Hanyang University ,all the trips, silly talks, laugh, tears that we share together I will treasure forever.

So to all my friend out there. No matter what …be a good adult ..

i wish we can grow up wiser and be better person than we ur now

Go confidently in the direction of your dream. Live the life you’ve imagined.

Until next time we meet again . Live your life to the fullest without regret. ^_^


Until next time we meet again . Live your life to the fullest without regret. ^_^


~ by anthonyinphuket on March 23, 2011.

One Response to “L.I.F.E”

  1. I agree with you, some people not really enjoy their life and always lack of sense of adventure.

    To be uncommon inside the common world, why not? As long as we still young, or alive, we can do whatever we want as long it is positive.

    I can’t wait to reach like 60 or 70 years old, to do what I want to do, since it may be very damn boring to wait like 50 years until that time, if… only God give me long life.

    Some times we must try to do mistakes in new things and learn about it when we’re young, rather than making mistakes when we’re old and getting ashamed about it with no one will be able to teach you again.

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