Elephant Massage, what do you think ***?

Found my another Phuket -to do list .. Thai Massage , normal. Elephant massage , what the ?!? Can you imagined being stepped by this giant creature like this picture that i found on google ? Weeeww… i gotta try that !!

Elephant are said to be sacred animal on Thailand, but i can’t understand why people use it to make money. Elephant using tourism has been growing rapidly for jungle tracking, circus and also this massage thing.

Back to the topic, now what the elephant will do is usually play with you first with its trunk . and it will do soft massage on your back and front body. Dont worry , it will not step on you with all its weight. Just with one feet.

So there’s no harm to try. its absolutely will be unforgettable. These elephants are really smart when they like you they will play with your body more. Beside that they also can do attraction such as painting and acrobatic.

i would say ”  Thailand. If the ladyboys don’t get you the elephants will do it for ya “

Here’s funny video of Elephant Massage.




~ by anthonyinphuket on March 23, 2011.

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