Hi guys , I forget to introduce my self, My name is Anthony, you can call me antz . I’m currently stay in Phuket , Thailand and working in Thavorn Grand Plaza Hotel , please come when you have free time : ) I’m 20 years old , single, was born in Jakarta. hahaha i feel like writing a resume doing this.

I done my Bachelor Degree in Finance in Multimedia University Malaysia ( with honour, if you want to employ me you need to pay me higher :p) I enjoy Football (Read : Liverpool ), Basketball, Badminton, Swimming and all sports, i’m SportsMAN !!hahaha same as Sakuragi. I enjoy reading Manga and comic especially ONE PIECE !!! It’s my favourite now !  I favor backpack travelling rather than spending my money on travel agent. I’ve been in Hongkong, Macau, Shenzen, Singapore and also my home country Indonesia

Okay go to the point, before i go to Phuket to work in Thavorn on March this year, i’ve been doing exchange student in an amazing country called South Korea !! Yeah, it’s the country where K-Pop star such as SNSD, SuJu, CNBLUE,Kara,T-ara, B34st, BigBang come from. I know. From now on this archive about Seoul South Korea , i will write all my story about my experience on Seoul , South Korea as an exchange student.. I never loved a country this much. I should say i prefer living in Seoul than in my own countries. I already apply for the scholarship and i hope i will get it and i’ll step my feet again in Seoul , my lovely city. Saranghaeyo Seoul !!!

Now i’m residing in Phuket Thailand, i will write also about all my experience that happens to me in Thailand and anything that i find interesting about this “exoctic country” . I will put it all in my blog for you to enjoy, please feel free to comment. Even though the content maybe so emotional and more of personal opinion, i hope no one will get offended and will support my blog .

i would like to meet you guys and also travel to more country and feel like living on it. Because i feel if you live there for minimum one month then you can know what this country is about . Not just for a mere 3 days travelling !

As far as i write this blog i’ve stayed in Phuket for one week and i should say it’s lovely ❤ .


~ by anthonyinphuket on March 22, 2011.

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