Durian ( King of Fruit )

I bet for all Western-ers they rarely know about this fruit . This fruit is just the most controversial fruit. Often said as the worst smelling fruit in the world ,some describe its smell like pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym socks. It even forbidden to bring durian on the flight as well as in some establishment such as subway station , hotel, etc.   Mean while many would suggest it would be the best tasted fruit in the world. Some people just intimidated when they hear the “reputation” of its smell.

This fruit even has featured as one of the challenge in  “Fear Factor”, i would take this challenge for sure, its the easiest one for me compared to eating those living bugs or 1000 years old egg i would say. But most of the people just can’t get their mind right, just because the smell. I dont know what to say, but for me it smell great , and yeah tastes great as well. Me as Southeast Asian will swear that the durian is a fruit without compare.

Durian fruit is highly nutritious it is not advisable to eat this fruit in excess. Pregnant women or people with high blood pressure are traditionally advised not to consume durian

Durian – only available on South East Asian country such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. So if you wanna try this controversial fruit you gotta come and get it yourself, because they forbid it in the flight, Fresh durian on the sunny day, what a treat !

Down below is video of people trying to eat durian !! listen to their comment and it’ll show all of your fear just for nothing. Maybe it smell like hell but it taste like HEAVEN


~ by anthonyinphuket on March 21, 2011.

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