Bangla Road , Patong Beach

When I told my friend im going to phuket for working my friend instantly advise me “ Man, you gotta go to Bangla Road !! “ , I asked back why should I ? and he just answered “that’s where the party is .“ and now after I come to Phuket I know what he said is true. I think no foreigners leave Phuket without going to Bangla Road. Located in Patong beach, the most famous beach in Phuket, from my perspective its heaven for men , more than 200 bars and more than 1200 girls working in the night offering service from just a great chitchat or something more .

Bangla road knows no holiday 24/7/365 but it’s all started after the sun sets. BarBeer, A Go-go Bar,Ping Pong Show , Ladyboy Cabaret,or even MuayThai is starting. If you want to look for just outdoor relax talk with then BarBeer is the place, it’s an outdoor bar with girls calling you, “come here,handsome “ with an inviting smile to drink there and maybe something more.

But if you are looking something more , I will assured you , you have to go to A Go- Go Bar, that performed the girls dance on the stage with also “naughty shows” to be performed at specific times. “Pingpong “show would you never forget, I just can’t explain it. Just see the video down below so you can understand what I mean.

Cabarets of LadyBoy shows are also one of attractions in Patong. Simon Cabaret is the most popular among them. It features a one of a kind stage performance of dancing and singing, and typically the performers who are Lady Boy with great dresses will offer you to take picture with them, usually for 200 Baht, but why not ? You can go home brag to your friends, who go to Thailand and doesn’t take picture with Ladyboy ?

Another attraction will be Muay Thai , Thai boxing is part of Thailand culture that are really famous. Tourist can enjoy exchanging fist and kicks that available in the stadium on Bangla road, sometimes the tourist also can  by request I guess. Maybe girl vs girl Muay Thai might be possible I guess.

Aside from all the A-go-go Bar and Beer Bar, Ping Pong Show , LadyBoy show , and Muay Thai there also quite cocktail lounges that play Latin jazz music or another kind of music. Or if you don’t like the night life or looking for some thing else there’s  always night market that accessible on Patong Beach. You can also find some fish foot massage or Thai Massage on Bangla Road.

With these overflowing choices of nightlife, who do you think will get bored while in Bangla Road ?


~ by anthonyinphuket on March 21, 2011.

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