Dragon Fruit (Pitaya)

Today, on my lunch at Thavorn i ate a new fruit i haven’t ate before. At first i thought this dessert is Kiwi because presence of black seed on its meat, but when i take my first bite i know that this not Kiwi, its mildly sweet and so easy to eaten.Makes me wants to eat it more and more. i wonder what this fruit is and ask my  friends and they told me that it is a DRAGON Fruit. Wow i was surprised..it’s my first time eating this. The texture is so soft makes me addicted to it

And as turn out of event,  my friend suggest that eating dragon fruit is actually really good for your health, beside all the  ABC Vitamin that it contained, it also helpscontrol levels of glucose blood sugar levels and full of dietary fiber. Some also says eating Dragon Fruit can reduce risk to get cancer.I think my diet will be perfect with this new fruit, because it is low in calorie and taste really great, different from all the fruit that i’ve tried before.It’s perfect !! Juicy, healthy ,and gazillion anise-like seeds add interesting crunch to the over-all texture

This is how it looks before it cuts,so for you who haven’t tried this wonderful it’s available in Thailand and Indonesia as far as i know !! Never Try Never Know, So Try it , okay ? you won’t regret it !


~ by anthonyinphuket on March 19, 2011.

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