Why they become LadyBoy ?

I always wonder why  many kathoey (ladyboy) existed in Thailand ? is it because of their government doesn’t put strong restriction on transgender ?

Some says transferring gender can shortening your lifespan , even risked your life in its process. But these people are not afraid to do it. Why ?

All of the people will think they become Kathoey ( Ladyboy ) just to get money or to sell sex. Yeah, some of them are doing that because of economical reason . Some parents thing a ladyboy son could bring in a little income , even a GOOD one if he become top ladyboy .But not all parents agree to see their son becoming lady boy, some of them will just beat their son up like normal parents would do.

But it’s not all because I think it is just result of our different characteristic. Some of us just “born to be “ woman, even though they was born as a man but inside of their heart they think of themselves as the pretty girl . They like to put makes up on and wear beautiful dresses .

In my own opinion , big number of gay in Thailand has become one of the reason of the transgender, because I think by being Gay in the beginning will open up thinking to become Ladyboy to satisfy your “gay partner”.

So for once  I want us to think  of their life. Let’s put our self in their shoes . ONCE ! once only ! Lady boy are still human that are looking for acceptance for us. They try with their hardest effort to become a beautiful girls that they dreamed about. So just once respect them, don’t avoid them. If you don’t want to talk it’s fine , just respect them like normal human. Because you know maybe they had worst time from people or even that cannot accept their change .

Now its more becoming a normal trend on Thailand of being Ladyboy, but I think not only bad things happen, good things happened as well. Thailand tourism advance greatly thanks to the Ladyboy, more job opportunity , more diversity. Becoming a kathoey might thus be a solution for a number of male homosexuals. We would never refused a girl like Nong Poy (girl on the pic )right ? :p

So there’s always two side of coin you should be looking right ?

Down here is the interview with the Kathoey. What made their decision of being one. How they must pay more than total 150.000 Baht to get their breast and vagina to be real woman.


~ by anthonyinphuket on March 18, 2011.

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