My Most Memorable Drink in Thailand :p

It was my silly story , i was on backpacking travel with my university mate . We used bus to Hatyai from Kuala Lumpur and when we arrived in Hatyai and my friend do the ticket thing to go to phuket , me and my friend go to convenience store to buy some drink. This is the first time i met this “drinkezzz “.

I thought it was just a normal soy bean milk , so i bought it at 24 baht and drink it. What a surprisee it turns out that this big size of bottle was actually tasted like Yakult ! which is usualy sold in really tiny package. Wiizzz !!  Yakult is my most favourite drink , its my dream to drink big bottle of Yakz, so i decided to buy one more bigger bottle of this .

But , never underestimated power of Yakult !! it’s just so powerful , after i get off from the Bus on Phuket my stomach crumbled, I NEED TO GO TO TOILET !!! But, my friend said the hotel is near so i can go to toilet in the hotel. We walked looking for the hotel and got lost ! Damn… can you imagined how i felt back then ?hahaha. after 30 minutes walking we find the hotel and thanks God the toilet was great !!. Never been happier meeting toilet before.

But still never regret drinking this and keep drinking this until now, coz it tastes awesome !! Recommended for all of you guys !!


~ by anthonyinphuket on March 18, 2011.

3 Responses to “My Most Memorable Drink in Thailand :p”

  1. I’m from Philippines.I’m relatively new as well; started last year. I was looking for you About page. Nice meeting you. 🙂

  2. hahaha me too, until now i always drink one a day !! thanks for the comment btw 🙂 where do you come from ? im newbie in word press .

  3. I also bought this when I went to Thailand and I super loved it. Everyday I was drinking one. 😛 Funny story you got here!

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