8 BEST WAYS How to Distinguish Ladyboy ( Kathoey ) : )

When you travelled on a holiday trip in Thailand you might looking for some relationship as well, but most of the my friends told me that they are not brave enough to conduct a relationship as they wished because they afraid to end up falling in love with the wrong person , what they mean is the Lady Boy or in Thai ( Kathoey ), Most of the man normally doesn’t want to falling in love or conduct relationship out of thin air with woman who actually was a man right ? I personally prefer full woman as my partner to grow old with or just to spend one night together. But ladyboy(kathoey) in Thailand nowdays are really hard to distinguish with the real girls , but here I am come as savior with 8 best Tips for you to be able to perfectly distinguish and make your choice  on picking up your girl in Thailand

1. Voices

Most experienced katoey have trained their voice to become softer and more lady like voice but we can still  disguise it. Tip – tickle them when they’re not expecting it and observe the pitch of their response! Because they can not act when they are tickled and another tips will be pay attention on their laugh because their laugh will sound weird compared to real girls that you know.

2. Physical

Adams apple

Its Obvious from the name, only the Adams ( MAN ) has the apple, if the girl has it, she is Ladyboy ( Kathoey )


Thai girls are mostly short, 5′ 4″ or less. If she is taller than 170cm then it will be a first warning for you to be careful and see for the other sign.

Large Supple Breast

Perfectly big breast like Hollywood stars that will tempted you to touch and grab it most likely gained from plastic surgery , because usually Thai girl are flat chested (no offense) :p

Body Shape

Woman body usually resemble by a guitar or pyramid where it starts with small shoulder and wider hips , different for man which is the opposite, so it can be other clue. If the girls has broad shoulders and no butt you can be suspicious that she is Lady boy (Kathoey)
Size of hands and feet

Thai girls are identical with small hands and feet, I have a story from my friend which was a basketball player where  he really like the waitress who serve food to our table that night but he was shocked that the girl’s hand are bigger than his that was a basketball player’s hand. He was shocked to death and from that time he afraid and always look carefully for every girl. :p

5 o’clock shadow

Many article about Ladyboy ( Kathoey ) discuss about this but I actually first doesn’t understand about this term. According to Urban Dictionary  5 o’clock shadow is basically Short beard stubble on a man’s face that has grown since the morning shave, usually experienced towards the end of the day. So If you stay whole day with a girl that you suspected a Ladyboy you can use this tips to check on it . Because 5 o’clock shadow just happen to man.

3.      Habit

Walking Style

Kathoey tends to sway their hips from side to side when they walking , basically I think It is their attempt to look girly in the man’s eyes , or maybe it’s trick to make up for their man’s narrow hips

Smoking style

You can usually spot a ladyboy by the manner in which she holds her cigarette. Men and women do not use the same style.

Overly Sensual

Lady boy are tempted to be so overly sensual. Beside their “made” sensual walking style they also will be suggestive , over confident and over friendly that exactly opposite with normal Thai girl personality that are usually really shy and also do less talking to foreigner.

4. Style

Extreme Make up

Ladyboy identical with extreme make up . If the girl uses thick layer of foundation and enough make up for a Vegas dancer then probability of her being ladyboy is high. Normal Thai girl using very little make up .Lady boy or Kathoeys tends to overlook for their appearance and always checked on the mirror about their cosmetic layout, maybe they a little bit afraid if something is wrong or their makeup was erased then the illusion that they are trying to make will lost and realty will show up on the surface of their face.

Clothes and accecories

Most bargirls usually wear very low key or cheaper clothes but Kathoeys that over sensitive about their appearance will tend to use nice dress or expensive clothes combined with big earing and beautifully treated hair.

5. Environment

FOX Style

She is most likely so beautiful than normal girls. She is so beautiful until the stage you think “why is she here not in the catwalk or appear on TV ?” if you come up with thinking like that it maybe a good bet that she is katoey.


Same like fox, who are grouping when they hunt for their prey, Kathoeys also grouping with the others Kathoey when they are looking for “costumer”. So if in a group of girls there is one girls that you are 100% sure that she is a kathoeys then most probably it is group of kathoeys.

6. Later Stage


When you are in relationship with a girl , when you have a girlfriend and progressed to kissing stage when you find out her kissing style (tongue) is stronger that what you have experienced from kissing girls. But this can not be an accurate predictor because every girls kissing style is different and maybe this just come down to an aggressive kissing style.


When you have a “one-night stand” or Thai girl friend and after long time of relationship and she afraid to undress in front of you or still always to have sex with you in the dark only maybe she is a “kathoey “. Maybe she is uncomfortable with her body or she has some “uncompleted” part of body that need to be “repaired” (read:surgery) later.  :p  What is sure is if the girl is too aggressive on the bed , maybe suck you off all night or doing something extreme , you must thinking a little or maybe on the next morning you will ends up with bigger surprise that will haunt you all your life !!!

7. ASK never wrong

Ask Politely

When you are in complicated mind and you are really confused and in doubt you can always ask. Just ask the Kathoey straight out “are you ladyboy ?“ will get you answer one way or the other. But if she is not lady boy, you can use it for your praise chance opening such as saying she is so beautiful until you flattered by her beauty.

8. Extreme Approach


Many katoeys will go for a grope of your crotch shortly after meeting you and this is the perfect chance for you to return the favor. Sometimes it isn’t as easy to tell if there is a bulge there or not as some ladyboys will go as far as to tuck or even tape their privates up underneath their crotch

After reading these 8 tips I hope you will be able to distinguish Kathoey BUT please keep in mind that ladyboys are just people like you and me, and should be treated with respect and decency, just like everybody else. Maybe they are having harder life than what we think they are. On my next blog i will put on how they make decision to become Ladyboy .

If you have any other tips not mentioned or have any comments on the observations I have made, please feel free to comment below.



~ by anthonyinphuket on March 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “8 BEST WAYS How to Distinguish Ladyboy ( Kathoey ) : )”

  1. yoi research dari kantor li..hahahaha…udh di thailand harus diresearch donk..ada yg km mw tau ga dri Thailand ..blg aja.kwkwkw

  2. wah anthony udah makin dewasa. dulu yg gw tau lw udah lari klo ngadepin ginian. haha… ini research dari kantor?

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